Patient Testimonials

The most thorough adjustments I’ve ever had.  Their a great staff and chiropractor.  I leave the office nearly pain free.  It’s been 7.5 years of a 125-mile round trip drive to come to this office.
-Jim Mendolia


It’s always a pleasure coming into a staff that is kind and welcoming.  Dr. Hilley treatment is not only effective but also gentle.  He is always educating on wellness to help you lead a healthier fuller life.  I really look forward to my weekly visits.
-Maria Castaldo

Patients and their health come first.  Dr. Hilley and his staff are extremely accommodating, personable and have great spirit and energy.  I would recommend them to anyone interested in bettering their health.
-Michael McGovern

I love the wonderful people that work here.  We feel like they are a part of our family.  Dr. Hilley has been great with Chris and I.  We both have overcome obstacles with Dr. Hilleys help.
-Nancy Rauch

    I Love Chiropractic because it makes my body heal itself, without using any drugs.  It relaxes me and gives me a better mindset.  I love this office because everyone is so friendly.  It makes me feel like a part of a loving and caring family.  Dr. Hilley is a wonderful chiropractor and genuinely cares for all of his patient’s health and well beings.
-Nina Rosario